Ratana Thera says they have always been right


By Sirimantha Ratnasekera

UNF National List Candidate and Chairman of the Pivithuru Hetak Organisation Ven Aturaliye Ratana Thera maintains that their political calculations have always been right and they never got it wrong when it came to what the country needed.

In a brief interview with The Island, Ven. Ratana Thera said: "There are some who criticize us for our decision to contest under the elephant symbol. But, if you look at the recent past, you would find that we were always right and people have approved what we did. We spearheaded the campaign against the LTTE soon after the Mavil Aru incident and our timely action was proven right for the country to get rid of the LTTE. Then we decided to pull out of the previous government and support Presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena. The people have approved of our decision. There were many critics against us then too. The very same critics accuse us of various things today too. But, we are confident that we will be proved right once again on August 17.

Asked why his party was not concerned about the accusations levelled against it, the Thera said: "We are not bothered by those baseless allegations. We have never made any decision against this country. We will never do so. We believe that it is always better to unite with the UNF instead joining forces with the thieves and fraudsters of the previous regime. We have a vision and we know that the alliance to contest under the UNF is only a part of it.

He said that the party had emerged stronger with its decision to contest under the UNF and a large number of newcomers had joined them.

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