Woman drug peddler arrested by Welikada police in dawn operation

Fourth woman dope peddler taken to custody in three weeks

The Welikada police in the early hours of yesterday arrested a female drug peddler known as ‘Kudu Renu’ at Obeysekerapura with 3g and 500mg of heroin with a street value of Rs. 100,000.

The police had received a tip-off that the suspect was planning to sell the banned substance to another person.

 The suspect already had six drug related cases in courts and her husband known as ‘Kakka Ranji’ allegedly aided and abetted her, police said.

 The police are looking for the suspect husband who has fled the area in advance.

 Investigations have revealed that the suspect woman bought heroin from Borella and then peddled the narcotic in Welikada and Rjagiriya areas.

 During the past three weeks, Welikada police have arrested four women drug peddlers including ‘Kudu Renu’.

The police said they had stepped up anti-narcotic operations in the areas in response to complaints from the public and some of the drug dealers had already fled the are fearing arrest.

An investigator said Obeysekerapura was one of the worst affected areas in the country where the drug menace was concerned.


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