Those behind bond scam will be revealed on August 09 - Rajiva


Former Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena addressing the media yesterday at the SLFP headquarters on Darley Road, Colombo. Former Ministers Dilan Perera and Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha were also present.

By Dasun Edirisinghe

Former Minister Dilan Perera yesterday said that the SLFP-led alliance would form a government on August 17 the same way it had defeated the 17-year UNP administration in 1994 and it would be a record win this time.

Addressing the media at the SLFP head office at Darley road, he said that the SLFP-led UPFA worked as a team to defeat the corrupt UNP-led administration.

As former President and UPFA Prime Ministerial Candidate mentioned at the manifesto launching ceremony, there were no factions in the SLFP, but the UNP tried to give a wrong impression to the people that the alliance was divided, he said. 

"When some former ministers claimed that Rajapaksa loyalists had booed at UPFA rallies which was attended by Prime Ministerial candidate Rajapaksa, we thought it was due to the preferential vote battle, but now we are informed that it was organised by the UNP to create clashes among same party candidates," Perera said.

Former Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena said that former Rajapaksa government was the only administration that had increased the minimum basic salary of the public servants from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 11,670.

He said that former President had promised to increase the basic salary of public servants once again by the budget 2015, but the UNP government did not increase the basic salary but   introduced only a 7,500-rupee allowance.

Former Minister Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha said that they would reveal all those behind the Central Bank bond scam on August 09.

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