Mahanayakes ask UNP to reveal its position on poster with Eelam map


By Lasitha Duminda

L-R: Piyananda Nayaka Thera, Dhammarathana Nayaka Thera, Wimalasara Nayaka Thera and Shantha Thera addressing the press at the Abhayarama in Narahenpita yesterday. Pic by Krishan Kariyawasam

The Mahanayakes resident overseas yesterday asked the UNP to reveal its stand on some of its candidates using a poster with an Eelam map.

Mahanaykes of the US, Singapore, Australia and India, addressing a press conference at Abahayaramaya in Narahenpita, said that Vijayakala Maheshwaran and some other UNP candidates were using a poster containing Eelam map along with the UNP’s Elephant symbol in their campaigns.

Mahanayake of Singapore and Chief Incumbent of the Bellanwila Rajamaha Vihara Ven Dr Bellanwila Dhammarathana Nayaka Thera said: "This is a serious threat to national security. The reconciliation process that was moving forward smoothly in the aftermath of defeat of the LTTE has hit a snag. Speeches made by the UNP candidates in the North calling for a separate state and the TNA’s call for federalism have disturbed the people who want the country to remain undivided and led to distrust among communities. It is the duty of UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe to explain to the nation what really is happening and what his party’s position on the issue is.

"We witnessed economic growth and political stabilisation after the defeat of the LTTE, but the situation has changed since Jan. 08. Unrest is prevailing in the country. There was security in the country before Jan 08. Today the country is unstable."

Mahanayake of the US and Chief Incumbent of the Dhammavijaya Vihara in Los Angeles Ven. Aggmahapanditha Dr. Walpola Piyananda Nayaka Thera: "Majority of Lankan Sangha community living abroad are worried about the situation at home in the post Jan. 08 period. We know that there are many NGOs working overtime to destabilise the country. Sadly, the incumbent government is taking no action against them. This unfortunate situation would not have arisen had there been a stronger president and stronger government in power. Federalism was not an issue before Jan 08. Viajayakala Maheswaran promotes separatism and uses the so-called Eelam map in her campaign while sharing the same stage with the UNP leader."

General Secretary of the Anandha Bodhi Foundation in Australia and Chief Incumbent of Kansas Vihara in the US Ven. Maitipe Wimalasara Nayaka Thera: "The entire world is watching this election. The government has resorted to lowest levels of election propaganda by exhuming bodies. We wonder whether they may exhume the body of Parabhakaran at this rate. We call upon people not to be fooled by these gimmicks."

Resident of the Mahabodhi Centre in New Delhi and Chairperson of the International Students Council of the Delhi University Ven Mamadawila Shantha Thera: "It is so unfortunate that some of our youth are misled by social media campaigns. They have a chance to correct the mistake they made on Jan. 08 by voting against separatist forces on Aug 17."

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