Development projects stopped to take revenge from me – Mahinda


By Dasun Edirisinghe

The people had to suffer due to stopping of all development projects by the present government to take revenge from him, former President and UPFA Prime Ministerial candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterday.

Addressing the final UPFA election rally in Malihapitiya grounds in Kurunegala, Rajapaksa said that 1.5 million people had lost their jobs due to the halting of development projects after Jan. 08.

Rajapaksa said they would record a landslide victory at Monday’s election and form a strong UPFA government.

"We can protect the SLFP without dividing it," he said, adding that the UPFA would ensure a people’s victory.

He accused the present government of bringing back underworld leaders who had fled the country during the previous government.

Rajapaksa said that his government had been able to build 1,000 Mahindodaya laboratories, but the UNP government had failed even to open them.

Rajapaksa said the UNP siphoned off Rs. 25 billion from the Central Expressway Project alone.

At present the prices of food items including sprats, dhal, coconuts etc had gone up steeply, but the government had promised to reduce their prices. "I promise to fulfil everything mentioned in our manifesto the same way as I have delivered before. That is a guarantee for the future," Rajapaksa said.

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