Tokyo Cement adds fifth vessel to transportation fleet


Tokyo Cement, the company that continues to lead the field in redefining the market, consumer expectations and technological possibilities, announced the addition of a fifth vessel, 'MV Mohar' to its fleet of cement transport ships on August 11. The 22 thousand metric tonne, pneumatic bulk cement carrier was inaugurated by, Chief Guest, Arjuna Ranatunga, Minister of Ports, Shipping and Aviation and Guest of Honour Upul Jayasuriya, Chairman, Board of Investments, Sri Lanka.

Dr. Harsha Cabral, chairman, Tokyo Cement Group in his speech , paid tribute to the Visionary Founder chairman, late Deshamanya A. Y. S. Gnanam, one of the greatest industrialist in Sri Lanka for his foresight and contribution to the development to the Nation. He also thanked the gathering for their presence at this special occasion.

S. R Gnanam, Managing Director, Tokyo Cement Group, speaking at the launch event said, "Logistics is an integral part of our business, and the increase in local demand has required us to enhance our capacities not just in transportation, but manufacturing and energy generation. We are always striving to improve our business performance because doing so is Tokyo Cement's contribution to building Sri Lanka, and ensuring strong, sustainable development."

With an increase in production capacity of one million tonnes in Trincomalee, the new vessel will play the vital role of transporting cement to the Colombo port, in order to distribute more efficiently to the masses. Explaining further Gnanam said, "The cement industry is often times described as a barometer of a country's march to economic development and prosperity. What we are currently seeing is a surge in demand for products and services which is a good indicator of market confidence. Over the last three decades, Tokyo Cement has built itself up to become one of Sri Lanka's most valuable brands with an installed capacity of over two million tonnes of cement, over 600 employees and 20 billion rupees in assets. Our success reflects the continuing growth of Sri Lanka and its economy." - Tokyo Cement

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