LPBOA Chairman issues warning to government

by Dilanthi Jayamanne

Chairman of the Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA), Gemunu Wijeratne yesterday alleged that 45 per cent of UPFA members elected to Parliament were corrupt. Despite being aware of all the corruption that had taken place people had voted for them. 

 Addressing the media in Colombo, Wijeratne said that his LPBOA and several other government and private sector trade unions had allied to form the Trade Union Alliance for a Just Society (TUAJS) to prevent the return of such corrupt politicians.

 The LPBOA Chairman said the new Prime Minister and the government had a tremendous task ahead of them. Its main aim should be to give priority to maintain the smooth functioning of essential services, namely, health, education and public transport.

The transport service had several issues, Wijeratne said. "But, we continued with our services despite difficulties in the run-up to the election since we did not want to create disruption."

Wijeratne warned that his association was prepared to resort to trade union action and campaign for dislodging the government to formed as well if action was not taken to settle the longstanding issues in the transport sector. 

 General Secretary of the Government Workers Union, T. Abeyratne outlined some of the issues the new government would have to address. They include giving permanent jobs to man power employees and stopping the misuse of EPF and ETF funds.

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