Trade session with Nigerian HC on Thursday

The High Commissioner of Nigeria, S U Ahmed will be the special guest speaker at a session on "Bilateral Trade between Sri Lanka & Nigeria" on Thursday 27 August 2015 from 3.00 p.m to 4.30 p.m at the National Chamber No 450 D.R. Wijewardena Mawatha, Colombo-10. He will be accompanied by the Head of Chancery and other officials from the High Commission.

At the session the participants will get an opportunity to interact with the High Commissioner and officials of the High Commission of Nigeria, and discuss with regard to potential business and establishing business links with Nigeria. Economic co-operation between Nigeria and South Asian countries have intensified coupled with the activities of traders who visit these countries to purchase items of trade such as textiles, pharmaceutical, plastics, etc. Nigerians are known to be very enterprising and well known for their trading abilities.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria has a population of of 177.5 million people (UN est. 2014) making it the most populous country in Africa. Capital city is Abuja located in the center of the nation, while Lagos is the primary port, economic hub and the largest city. Spoken languages are English and many local languages, there are more than 250 ethnic groups in the country.

Nigeria is also home to a large population of Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans, many from generations who have been there since Nigeria's Independence. Many have even naturalized and own big business especially in the service sector, such as finance and housing. For reservation for the session, kindly contact chamber TP 4741788 Ms Fouad or email;

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