‘A person becomes a better human being when not overpowered by hatred’ — Younus AlGohar


Younus AlGohar talking to The Sunday Island (Pics by Krishan Kariyawasam)

by Steve A. Morrell

His Holiness Younus AlGohar, CEO of the Messiah Foundation International (MFI), was in Sri Lanka last week on a visit from the United Kingdom.

He was named an ‘Ambassador for Peace’ by the Universal Peace Federation in 2005. He studied at the Karachi University, and the Manchester and Cambridge Universities. He authored two books in 2007 and 2010.

Younus AlGohar is a strong advocate of the strength of the spiritual influence of love that transcends religious teachings.

The following are excerpts of his interview with The Sunday Island:

Q: We met the last time you were in Sri Lanka a couple of years ago. At the time, ‘Love’ and what it meant was the indepth preponderance of our discussion. Would you like to expand on the subject?

A: Love is something that is not exactly spontaneous. Hate is common. Love, harmony, unification are terms commonly used. That’s whatever we said is all about. Love for all and hatred for none. I travel the world over and talk about love, which is sadly lacking in this day and age.

Love stood out in our previous conversation. The issue is how to be able to love. We should ask ourselves what is stopping us from loving each other. Everybody knows about love. What we see today in the world is hatred. You cannot kill anybody for love. People are being killed, slaughtered, under the banner of religion. That is not love. There is human love and there is divine love.

Q: You have given a broad message of love. Have you noticed the people you talk to getting attracted to what you say?

All over the world, in many countries, there are thousands of people who have been waiting to hear such a voice — a Message. They are adhering to our message. The practice of spirituality, the scope is high. People are being heard.

Q: They have already been listening to you and they heard you and appreciated what you say. Has there been a reversal in their ideas at some time or other?

If the concept of love is limited to phraseology and not practiced under the principles of spirituality, that is just fake. Not love. When we give people the message of love, we are not just talking about love, but the practicality and the methodology of love comes through spirituality. The negativity of that person is diminished from that spirituality. It will not go back to his previous condition. It is not just the message, but adopting that spirituality.

Q: Human frailty could mean they are looking for something more. Have you experienced that?

It’s a whole package. There are known or unknown ailments. Once you are spiritualized, you succeed in building up in you a spiritual strength which will protect you from those negative forces. You become a better human being. You become stronger. Not vulnerable to evil.

Q: We have great religions which teach love. Is there something more that you could say?

We understand these religions and have the greatest respect for them. But, the question is whether they are really teaching love? Do we see love in Sri Lanka or in Pakistan, or wherever? There are religious places and dignitaries who train to see love, but we don’t see love. Something is missing.

The spiritual system is missing. Something will come in between, greed, ego, desire or some other negative influence. In order to be able to love, you need to purify your heart.

There are pure religions. But, now the spiritual system in them is lost. We just read words. But, get nothing out of what we read. Our body is involved, but our heart or soul is not involved. The evil forces are having an effect on the mind and the soul.

Q: Human frailty supersedes all we have been talking of. Based on this, how sustained can we continue?

Humans always need to look up to somebody or something. Humans are never self-sustained. They are always in need and seeking help. You need help at all stages of your life. Nobody is able to help you except the Divine. We teach people how to be in contact with the Divine. For example, roaming about the world, people don’t know how to react and to be in contact with God. And God will react.

Q: You have been in Sri Lanka many times over the years. What has been the peoples’ reaction to what you say?

It has been wonderful. They have learnt to respect. All must learn to respect each other, whatever the ethnicity. The message is getting across.

Q: Do you meet people at a given venue and time?

A typical meeting will take place in Sri Lanka. I would be meeting people this time also. It would be genuine love. That would let you forget your miseries. I also have a daily lecture on yahoo. Lots of people come. Responses were excellent.

The MFI websites are www.goharshahi.us or www.theawaitedone.com

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