JVP blames Western powers for worst refugee crisis since WW II

NFF says Lanka too was similarly targeted during MR govt.

By Shamindra Ferdinando

The JVP yesterday alleged that the Europe was now facing the worst refugee crisis since the World War II due to destabilisation of West Asia by Western powers.

The International Affairs Section of the JVP, in a statement issued yesterday emphasised that the Western intervention was aimed at achieving its economic and political objectives at the expense of people living in the region.

The entire region including Iraq situated east of Syria as well as Turkey on the north had been plunged into crisis, the JVP pointed out. It alleged that Western powers had stepped-in on the pretext of restoring democracy, thereby causing widespread destruction in West Asia as well as North Africa.

The party which secured six seats, including two National List slots at the January 17 parliamentary polls said that it would raise the issue both in and outside parliament.

While urging Western powers to halt on-going covert and overt operations in the region, the JVP said that the UN and EU should take immediate remedial measures.

Responding to a query, the JVP said that those countries which had been affected by current turmoil experienced relatively peaceful conditions before Western machinations. Western intrigues had been carried out at the expense of sovereignty of many countries, the outwardly Marxist party said, asserting that entire regions were in turmoil. With relentless turmoil, the JVP asserted that perhaps the displaced had no option but to flee their countries seeking refuge elsewhere.

At least 850,000 people were expected to cross the Mediterranean seeking refuge in Europe this year and next, the United Nations said on Tuesday. The announcement was made as the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR called for more cohesive asylum policies to deal with the growing numbers.

The JVP alleged that the on-going international media coverage had revealed the failure on the part of the UN as well as Western powers to tackle the situation they themselves created. The JVP pointed out a large number of innocent had perished during the perilous sea journey, though some were rescued under different circumstances.

"In 2015, UNHCR anticipates that approximately 400,000 new arrivals will seek international protection in Europe via the Mediterranean. In 2016 this number could reach 450,000 or more."

National Freedom Front (NFF) spokesperson Mohamed Muzammil said yesterday that the JVP appeared to have forgotten so-called members of the rainbow alliance talking very highly of Western destabilization projects in West Asia and North Africa. The JVP was part of the rainbow coalition that backed common presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena’s candidature against then President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

During the run-up to the Jan. 8 presidential polls, the Sri Lankan electorate was repeatedly reminded of the Western project Arab Spring meant to overthrow governments, Muzammil said. The former MP asserted that Sri Lanka, too, had been targeted with social media used to cause chaos on the streets. Fortunately, the electorate hadn’t reacted the way the then Opposition wanted to, thereby preventing a calamitous situation, Muzammil said.

Muzammil recalled Sri Lankan Tamils fleeing the country in the 80s in the wake of unprecedented violence caused due to Indian meddling. Responding to a query, Muzammil said that Sri Lanka could overcome the refugee crisis with the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009, though various interested parties justified continued outflow of people which they conveniently blamed on the Rajapaksa government.

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