The leaps of joy in dirty politics


Swearings in are yet going on, and the taking office time has now arrived.

I’m not sure of the public interest in the now frequent photos and TV spots of new and old ministers taking up office – signing a first paper not of any known importance - in the company of one’s spouse, party colleague/s, blessings by the clergy and lamp lighting, too. In fact, it’s really old hack, and the only media interest I can see is in the long line of these non-events, considering the endless train of Cabinet, State and Deputy Ministers. I can now see this stretch out to ministry secretaries, too – another huge number to follow.

I’m looking at the possibility of extracting some excitement from these non-events, based on the anti-people drama behind most of these appointments that are now being celebrated, with the people’s verdict being kicked into the wild; to give glory to those kicked out of electorates, with ugly records of jiggery-pokery in politics and governance, and downright corruption in society.

It will be interesting to see a new minister, or even an old, one taking up a new office, creeping up to one’s desk from under the carpet, in the same manner the person crept from under dirty carpet of his or her political party to grab the new job on offer. Such a person should be seen dusting the dust and dirt off one’s clothes, the thick and smelly stuff of many years, before sitting down and taking up what will soon be a very dirty pen, to sign the first document of a foul entry to office.

One wonders whether there will be a spouse ready to stand by smiling at such an office taking event. Yet, one must not forget that all these crooked and dirty politicians now lining up to sign fresh papers, are known for the determined push of their spouses, to bring them to the dirty positions that saw them rejected by the people.

I can well imagine another crooked and crafty politico, once crying out to rise again with Mahinda, now not wanting to be seen anywhere near even a mirror image of the same Mahinda, doing a good long jump into the new office room, bestowed with the powers of the dirty abundance of good governance. The spouse would also have done a family-political leap, and there will be a friend or two who are also well trained in the skills of a political leap frog to the joys, comforts and profits and power. The paper, signed by the new pen, will be the beginning of another record of the iniquitous aspects of governance, definitely against the needs of the people.

The crawler can never be left out of these ceremonial signings. Crawling and creeping is the very stuff of such politicians, who have now, or once again, been raised to an office from where power can be wielded, much against the will and the needs of the people. The taking of office ceremony of a crawler will see the guests looking at the floor to see from where there will be the rise, to grab the chair and creep on to the seat of power. There will be no surprise at seeing the spouse too crawl or creep behind, with all promise of private secretarial position, of personal and political profits that will surely follow. This will be another step in the path of political sycophancy that will continue with whole dishonuorable intent, following the assurance given by the President that this government will not be defeated. What a great crawl to make, especially after mighty kick out by the people at the polls.

There are certainly many more of the dishonest, dishonourable, deceitful, double-dealing and shifty politicians, including the one who will be with tears of joy flowing and wet his new table with the tears of political deceit; and the pen is taken up to sign a document that will begin a journey of tearless fraud and corruption.

One must not forget that political patricide – "apuchcha mala" (father is dead) who rapidly saw the rebirth of the father in the next round of politics, and still abandoned the reborn father to jump on to the other side where power called; for another term of nefarious politics and governance. His taking office should look more of a funeral than a ceremony, with him signing new papers in a coffin – while the spouse and all others are overjoyed.

The irony in much of this is that all of these crooked entries to unelected office will have the blessings of their respective clergy, complete with the chant of prayers, verses and stanzas of wisdom, shown to have hardly any impact in the netherworld of crooked politics.

Will they even have a moment to give thanks to their defeated leader, who enabled them through defeat, to jump, crawl and creep to their new positions, and to the political sycophancy and chicanery they learnt under him?

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