Clarification on "Jehovah’s Witnesses breaching immigration rules"

Referring to the news story headlined "Jehovah’s Witnesses breaching immigration rules" in last week’s edition, the organization says that Jehovah’s Witnesses are a traditional Christian religion in Sri Lanka with 5,902 members and have at no time recruited tourists to engage in religious work.

"Our needs for religious ministers from overseas is met by the provision of the religious visa category, which we have enjoyed since 1957, and which we have meticulously observed", N. David, a representative of the organization said in a clarification.

"We have no knowledge of the British couple that was mentioned in your newspaper article", he said, while extending an invitation to The Sunday Island to visit Jehovah’s Witnesses offices at Wattala and get factual, accurate information about the organization.

"You can also visit our website on and read the article ‘Sri Lankan Authorities Move to Protect Religious Freedom’", David suggested.

He appreciated the effort by the Sunday Island to verify facts before publication, but due to a communication breakdown, the response to the questions raised could not be sent on time.

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