STDs: 10,899 new cases detected last year alone

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The national Sexually Transmitted Diseases/AIDS Control Programme (STD/AIDS CP) has revealed that 22,055 patients were treated at the STD clinic under its purview last year.

There were 10,899 new patients last year–5,153 men and 5,746 women.

A total of 1,185 cases were diagnosed with late syphilis and 255 with infectious syphilis last year. About 460 patients had gonorrhoea. 

Those detected with genital herpes numbered more than 1,000 last year. They included 1,260 men and 1,626 women. 

Over 1,500 women were diagnosed with a sexually transmitted fungal infection (Candidasis) while another 1,221 had a bacterial infection.

In 2013, 989 men and women were diagnosed with late syphilis and over 1,000 women had sexually transmitted fungal infections. Over 1,160 and 1,560 cases of genital herpes cases were identified among men and women respectively during the same year. 

Responding to a question sources at the STD/AIDS CP said that they were still in the process of updating the statistics for 2015 and were unable to provide details about the latest situation.

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