Govt working in unison to take on UN resolution on Lanka - Dilan


By Harischandra Gunaratna

UPFA member and former Minister Dilan Perera yesterday said that there was no tug-of-war among government allies over the UN resolution on Sri Lanka.

Perera, addressing journalists at the SLFP headquarter’s at Darley Road, said the UN Resolution was not as bad as it was expected to be and some of the clauses therein had been watered down.

"The report has not accused any individual of any war crimes, but some elements who claim to know too much about the resolution are giving wrong interpretations," the UPFA National List Parliamentarian said.

He hailed the JVP for its cooperation with the government’s campaign against the hybrid court and not being racist like in the past.

"At a juncture we are trying to achieve national re-conciliation, entertaining racial ideologies would jeopardise the whole exercise", he said.

Minister Faizer Musthapha said if Maithripala Sirisena hadn’t become the President, the UN Resolution against the country would have been worse.

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