Health Minister tells Ayurveda practitioners not to withhold knowledge

Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine, Dr Rajitha Senaratne has said that to develop indigenous medicine, Indigenous medical practitioners should pass on all their knowledge to those studying under them, withhold nothing. 

Spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine, Nipun Ekanayake quoting the Health Minister, addressing the National Seminar on Indigenous Medicine, held at the BMICH, said yesterday that indigenous medicine had a longer history than western medicine. Ayurveda medicine had been popular during the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa eras. It was only during the last 200 years that western medicine had become popular. There were cures for various illnesses in Ayurveda medicine to keep a person healthy during his or her entire lifetime.

Traditional medical practitioners who had been practising ayurvedic medicine for generations should reveal their formulae for the benefit of future generations.

 Ekanayake quoted the Minister as having said that patent rights were given to those who did research in western medicine. But, indigenous medical practitioners withheld their knowledge. Indigenous medicine would die off if the situation prevailed. The knowledge should be passed on. The government would ensure their recognition and help obtain patents for them. 

There should be a revolution in the practice of Indigenous Medicine. "Do not commit the crime of retaining your knowledge; share it with others." (DJ)

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