Sixteen dud Rs 5000 notes detected: mastermind and other dud notes yet to be detected

By Somaweera Gamlath, Dummalasuriya Corr

Bingiriya police nabbed a person with 16 dud notes of the Rs 5000 denomination on Sunday. The suspect disclosed to police that he had printed the counterfeit currency notes of the same denomination to the tune of Rs. 600,000.

The suspect was taken into custody at the Tharana, Udamala in the Bingiriya Police area.

On information elicited from him, the police have taken into custody three other persons who aided the suspect. The suspects are from Bingiriya, Ibbagamuwa, Rasnayakapura and Katunayake. According to them the mastermind of this counterfeit currency operation was from Ibbagamuwa area and the police have deployed a team to arrest him.

Further investigations are being conducted by the Bingiriya police.

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