Sri Lanka made the semi-finals


Sri Lanka did reasonably well at the Miss Grand International 2015 pageant, held in Thailand, last month.

Ornella Gunesekere won the Miss Popular Vote segment, of this prestigious contest, and she was also in the final 10 (semi-finals), along with Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain, Japan, Dominican Republic, Australia, India, Philippines and Thailand.

Pageant experts, from across the world, put forth their predictions, long before the finals, and the eight they mentioned included Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Philippines, Miss India, Miss Netherlands, Miss Vietnam, Miss Brazil, Miss Spain and Miss Ghana.

Of course, the winner, Miss Grand International 2015, was Dominican Republic's Anea Garcia.

Born and raised in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA, the new Miss Grand title holder is a 20-year-old student of Legal Studies and Philosophy.

Earlier this year she participated in the Miss USA pageant and was a Top 5 finalist.

In fact, Anea Garcia was a hot favourite to win Miss USA 2015, where she represented Rhode Island, but was declared 2nd runner-up.

Miss Grand International 2015 first runner-up was Australia’s Claire Parker. Miss India, Vartika Singh, the heavy favourite for the crown, finished as 2nd runner-up, while Miss Philippines, Parul Shah, was the 3rd runner-up, and Miss Thailand, Rattikorn Kunsom, the hometown girl, was the 4th runner-up.

Special Awards were won by:

Miss Popular Vote: Sri Lanka, Ornella Mariam Gunesekere

Best in Swimsuit: Costa Rica, MarielaAparicio

Best Social Media: India, Vartika Singh

Best in Evening Gown: Japan, Ayaka Tanaka

Best in National Costume: Philippines, Parul Shah

Coronation night was held on Sunday, October 25th at the Indoor Stadium Huamark, in Bangkok Thailand.

Miss Grand International is a Thailand based organization which helps in promoting the cause of stopping war and violence across the globe.

The organisation is run by Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil who was a former director, Miss World Thailand contest.

Miss Grand International has completed three years and has already garnered a lot of popularity due to its clear format of selection, great entertainment and production value, and lots of pre-pageant activities.

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