UNP backbenchers to protest lack of governance

By Mohamed Haniff

A group of government backbenchers disturbed by the alleged moves by some top Parliamentarians to hush up Avant Garde issue, mulling over some counter measures including a mass demonstration to voice their protest against what they called "Yaha nethipaalanaya," a UNP politician from the Kalutara district says.

"We banged our desks in Parliament demanding that the names of the alleged culprits be named."

MP Palitha Thevarapperuma also said the collective position of all those who were present at the back benchers’ meeting a few days back was to "urge the authorities to mete-out punishment to the wrong-doers in public."

Thevarapperuma said that Attorney General’s Department had been severely criticized by the backbenchers. "We are urging the authorities to summon the AG to Parliament and question him on the issue."

"When an ordinary man is caught with a firearm, the law enforcement authorities initiate legal action, but when influential politicians have deals with persons involved with container loads of illegal arms, attempts are made to hush up investigations and no action is executed," Thevarapperuma told "The Island" yesterday.

"This is a disgrace and an insult to the voters who sent those legislators to Parliament," the fifty five-year-old MP said.

He said; "When I was taken to Court on an assault issue sometime back, I did not go behind the Prime Minister or anyone else seeking help. That’s me. It is wrong to use one’s influence to hush-up a case."

Thevarapperuma who was arrested and remanded over the alleged assault of a member of the Agalawatte Pradeshiya Sabha member was released on bail. The case would be taken up again by the Matugama Magistrate’s Court on February 28, 2015.

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