The Chronicle of the Crooked


"Don’t you think we are coming to the age of a new chronicle," asked Chathura Jayawansa ‘What makes you think so, when we have an active mainstream and social media today," asked Vidura Punyawansa.

"Surely both the mainstream and social media must show you what I am thinking of," said CJ.

"What are you getting at? There is nothing about any new chronicles in any media,’ said VP.

"It is not what is reported, but what is happening."

"Well, what is happening in the way of any new chronicle?"

"Don’t you see the two "Wansas" coming together – Weerawansa and Somawansa.

The time seems right for a a new ‘Wansa Kathava" – a chronicle of

contemporary politics."

"You mean a chronicle of political deceit?’

"Well, it certainly did not take long for you to get at what‘s happening.

Looks like we will be moving fast to the re-writing of history."

"Do you think this will be the new chronicle of left politics in this


"I don’t think this will extend that far – going back to the early 1930s.

No. It is more likely to be a chronicle of the left politics from the days of the JVP, with all the violence that it caused at first, and the violence it was drawn into later."

"Don’t you think that will be a really bloody chronicle….insurgency, uprising and repression?"

"No, no, that’s not all – there is certainly more expected from this coming together of these two Wansas, of what must be called the crooked left."

"What do you mean …crooked left?"

Well, it’s a helluva lot about leap frog politics. Of fleeing the country with the help of a powerful relation in the rival camp carrying out the repression of one’s comrades…to the return to leadership of a party that has abandoned so-called revolution to embrace democratic politics."

"Well, that is certainly a lot to write about, I’m sure. Do you think all the secrets of the wealth gathered by the founder, when hiding in a plantation bungalow will be revealed?"

"I think the stuff will be much more contemporary…It will have more of the Weera than the Soma, which is the trend of what many think of as the crooked left in politics today,"

"You mean it will have more of the bravery of the Weera type than the moonlight of the Soma type? "What do you think will be among the highlights of this new left bravery?

"There is plenty to write about from the long leap in Parliament to the grabbing and embrace of ministerial office… there is much to do with racist politics…as well as the profits that flow from office…

"Looks like this is stuff for a long chronicle?"

"Plenty indeed. There is much more…the politics of the farce unto death…

"Did you say farce unto death?"

"Of course it was farce and never a fast unto anything even close to death.

Adding to the bravado was carrying out the farce in front of the UN office in Colombo. This is the real Weera stuff; the bravery that gives up with a sip of orange juice from the President who you trail."

"What more…?"

"Well, Soma also did a fast of sorts on May Day this year, but it was only for a few hours…only he knows why it was started or ended…maybe he was trying to warm up to Weera… But the Weera record has much more, especially in the distribution of semi-luxury houses almost free to one’s kith and kin… the stuff of power and corrupt politics….

"Anything more…"

"If you must know …there is a great deal of forgetfulness in the Weera type of left wing politics. It is especially to do with one’s own passport. We learn of a trend towards a collection of passports, whether ordinary of

DPL, and also memory slips on one’s own date of birth…

"Does this run in the family?"

"I don’t know whether this runs in the family, but the Courts have heard of how the Weera wife also had problems of different birthdays and varying ID cards…It is the stuff of what seems to be the rising left in this country."

"Any there more highlights?"

"Well, when a crash of sorts came on January 8 this year, and Weera’s leader, Mahinda, was defeated, he played a major role in a "Rise with Mahinda" movement. It did very well for him, rising to the top in Colombo on his own side, but did not do much for the rise of with Mahinda….He is still playing the rising card.. With much verbal bombardment of the UN, Geneva and the United States.

"So what about Soma in all this?’

"It looks as if the former leader is now just a fellow traveler… in the Weera wagon."

"So what would you call this new chronicle?"

"Well, we have the Mahavamsa and the Deepawamsa… that record the past with such glory and great accuracy…I think the scribes have thought of naming

this the *Kuhaka Vamsa* - the Chronicle of the Cooked and Deceitful.

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