Sampanthan has no issue with ‘Nagadipa’


Opposition and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader, R Sampanthan struck a note of discord with fellow party member and Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council C. V. Wigneswaran when he said he saw no reason to change the name of the island Nagadipa, located off the Jaffna coast.

Wigneswaran proposed that the Tamil name for the island, Nainativu, be used as the official name.  Nagadipa is an important destination of Buddhist pilgrims who believe that the Buddha visited the island to settle a dispute between to ‘Naga Kings,’ Chulodara and Mahodara.  

Sampanthan, who said he had gone to Nagadipa recently, showed pirith-noola  the hamuduruwo had tied around his wrist and said "There’s no reason to change the name in this country where we all live; I am opposed to this proposal.  We should be trying to unite people and not divide them.  Nagadipa should remain just as the Nainativu kovil must remain.  This is a stupid proposal".

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