Avant Garde: Maldives awaits Sri Lanka’s investigation

*Was arms ship’s GPS switched off while passing archipelago?


Dunya Maumoon

by Zacki Jabbar in Maldives

Maldives says that it awaits the outcome of investigations being conducted by Sri Lanka into an Avant Garde Maritime Services ship allegedly switching off the Global Positioning System ( GPS ) while passing its shores last month.

The Maldivian Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon in an exclusive interview with the "Sunday Island" at her office in Male last week said that they looked forward to Colombo’s inquiry into the accusation by a Sri Lankan Minister that a vessel chartered by the Galle headquartered Avant Garde Floating Armoury had while passing the Maldivian archipelago knocked off its GPS in violation of international maritime regulations.

Asked about the allegation by Cabinet Spokesman and Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne that Avant Garde could be linked to the recent find of a large haul of weapons in an undersea location in Bar Atoll in the Maldives and the problems that country had encountered, Dunya replied that any follow up action would depend on Colombo’s findings on the Floating Armoury’s operations.

She, said that the Maldives Police was also conducting its own investigations into various incidents, including the bomb that had gone off in the speed boat that was carrying President Abdullah Yameen and his wife from the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport to Male on September 28, this year.

The First Lady and a security guard were injured due to the explosion , but the President escaped unhurt. 

The Foreign Minister, thanked the Sirisena - Wickremesinghe government for sending  its experts to help the Maldivian security authorities  in their investigations.

Asked about allegations that the murder of a Maldivian national in Colombo earlier this month was linked to the assassination attempt on President Yameen, the she said in that case too, they would prefer to await the conclusion of Colombo’s probe.

Vice President Adeeb Abdul Gafoor who has been accused of involvement in the failed attempt to assassinate Yameen, is in  remand custody pending hearing of his case. He has since been impeached, but no one has been appointed to replace him.

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