Maskeliya Plantations PLC secures another global achievement


Maskeliya Plantations PLC., estates owned by Richard Pieris Group of Companies, including five smallholders, who supply Green leaf to manufacture in three Maskeliya Plantation factories, have secured the Rainforest Alliance Certificate.

This was the first time in Sri Lanka that the Rainforest Alliance (RA) – Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) Group Certificate was secured by so many estates, together with the bought leaf suppliers.

This certification is an internationally recognized integrated environmental, social and ethical compliance program. Consistent performance and results achieved through the implementation of best environmental and biodiversity conservation and management practices under this programme have greatly contributed towards securing this credential.

The estates which obtained the certification are Laxapana Estate, Moray Estate, Hapugastenna Estate, Moussakellie Estate, Brownlow Estate, Glentilt Estate, Glenugie (Deeside) Estate and Mocha Estate in Maskeliya, Strathspey Estate, Upcot, St. Clair Estate, Talawakelle Estate, Troup Estate and Ferham Estate in Talawakelle.

The five smallholders - Dotella Estate, Bittern Estate, Peakfield (ADCG), Estate, Peakfield (ADCG), Peakfield – Block 2 Estate, situated in and around Maskeliya who supply leaf to Glentilt Estate, Laxapana Estate and Moray Estate respectively too have obtained the Rainforest Alliance certificate along with the Maskeliya Plantations PLC., estates.

These estates are situated in three different planting and agro climatical regions, namely Maskeliya, Upcot and Talawakelle, which are in the highest elevation from sea level.

When this program was started, government organizations such as the Central Environmental Authority in Kandy, the Environmental Officer attached to the Divisional Secretary’s Offices, Medical Officer of Health, Food and Drugs Inspector, Grama Niladharies of the area, District & Regional Forest Officers and the District Factory Inspection Engineer of the Central Province, Labour Office and Fertilizer and chemical suppliers (CIC) also contributed their services.

During the process of this program, workshops and awareness campaigns were undertaken on labour laws, fauna and flora, communicable diseases, Food and Drugs Act, usage of the pesticides, First Aid programs, medical checkups, environmental laws etc.

In addition, Maskeliya Plantations PLC estates were also able to obtain the following certificates: Kaizen Award, National Safety Award, Taiki Akimoto 5S’ (A Japanese Management Technique, ISO 9001 Certification (International Standards Organization), ISO 22000 – 2005 (International Standards Organization), HACCP Certification (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), National Safety Award 2006- Plantation Sector, ETP – (Ethical Tea Partnership), FLO (Fairtrade Labeling organization), Ceylon Tea Quality Certificate (CQC) awarded by the Sri Lanka Tea Board, Cleaner Production Productivity Green Award and Environmental Authority License.

Sunil Poholiyadde, Managing Director, Maskeliya Plantations PLC., is making arrangement to obtain Rainforest Alliance Group Certification for the other two plantation companies, Kegalle Plantations PLC. and Namunukulla Plantations PLC., which also comes under his purview to enable the top management to the bottom level who are committed to obtain this certificate by following the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) by setting an example to the others.

This will be the future trend in selling Sri Lankan teas and it is an international tea buyers requirements too.


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