NPC opposition leader reports irregularities there to AG

by Mohamed Haniff

Northern Provincial Council Leader of Opposition Sinnadurai Thavarajah has complained to the Auditor General that the NPC has been flouting the Financial Regulations.

Thavarajah told The Island that Ealam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) leader Douglas Devananda, too, had been informed of the violations and that he would not stay silent over them.

"I have, on several occasions, pointed out misdeeds of the Council," the EPDP provincial councillor said. The letter sent by the Leader of the Opposition to the Auditor General says: "The NPC entered into an agreement with Joule Power and Beta Power to set up wind farms in Palai. In 2014, these companies have supplied 06 water bowsers to NPC gratis under corporate social responsibility to the value of Rs. 20 million."

"This year the money granted by these companies amounting to Rs. 20 million has been kept in a separate account in the name of the Chief Secretary without being credited to the Provincial Treasury’s Account and appropriation approved by the council".

"Handling of Provincial Income without crediting it to the Provincial Treasury and the appropriation without Council approval is against the financial regulations."

Repeated attempts made by The Island to contact Chief Minister C.V. Wigneshwaran failed.

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