GMOA says SAITM not entitled to use  public resources

As it charges lot of money for training its medical students

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) said in a letter to Health Secretary, Anura Jayawickrama that it was in receipt of information that some students backed by SAITM have initiated a case under the contempt of court proceedings against Health Ministry officials.

When this case was taken up for support on December 7, 2015 the Attorney General informed court that the AG’s Department has not received any instructions from the officials of the Health Ministry in this regard and the Department has not even received notice up to that time, it noted.

The GMOA’s letter to the Health Secretary further said: "On December 7, 2015, petitioners suggested to court that if they are allowed to be trained at government hospitals they can consider the withdrawal of the contempt case filed by them.

"We consider this as a move to threaten the Ministry officials and to obtain their consent for training of SAITM students in the government hospitals, which is illegal and unethical.

"We like to draw your attention that government hospitals are maintained by utilizing public funds and any move to allocate such resources by the Ministry officials would amount to an offence committed under the public property act.

"We also like to stress that the SAITM charges colossal amounts of money for training of its medical students and therefore not entitled to use public resources.

"In the event, if any officials attached to the ministry are willing to consent for the training allocation as requested by the SAITM, we, as the GMOA, will not hesitate to oppose the move even at the cost of trade union action as well as by way of a legal action against them for misuse of the public property, and other laws available.

"We also intend to take every possible action against them under the bribery and corruption laws for betraying the rights of the citizens for a pittance obtainable from SAITM, against the government policy of good governance".

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