New Tamil political alliance emerging


By Mohamed Haniff

Jaffna based sources said that a new Tamil political alliance was in the making.

Referring to a meeting Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Vigneshwaran had with the Vice-President of the Federal Party Prof. Sitthampalam, a representative of the EPRLF, a representative from Ponnambalam’s party, a representative of the Bishop of Mannar, two NGO representatives and some other politically connected people at the Jaffna Public Library Auditorium over the weekend, sources said that there was likelihood of a new political movement emerging.

Sources revealed that some TNA members were expected to join the new grouping.

They told The Island that the participants at the meeting had formed a "Tamil National Council," but that wouldn’t be the name of the new alliance.

According to sources a section of the TNA has been disturbed by the news of the new political formation.

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