Brandix adopts Nivithigala as its second ‘model village’

Nivithigala in Sri Lanka's Ratnapura District has been refreshed with water supply and sanitation facilities it received from Brandix, under the Group's novel 'model village' themed community initiative.

Sri Lanka's single largest apparel exporter has donated water supply and toilet facilities to five schools, two Sunday schools and a hospital in the Nivithigala area under the second project carried out under this initiative, benefitting more than 4,700 children and adults.

Inspired by the temple, school and tank - centred village development concept of yore, the Brandix programme identifies and addresses water-related issues facing people resident within a five kilometre radius of the Group's factories. It involves the provision of water supply facilities to, or upgrading existing water supply infrastructure in schools, hospitals, places of worship, police stations and similar community locations.

The first Brandix Model Village programme benefitted residents of Polonnaruwa.

In Nivithigala, the project assisted the Thuthipitiya Viduhala; Parawaththa Vidyalaya; Watapotha Maha Vidyalaya;Sumana Kanitu Viduhala; Sumana Maha Vidyalaya;Sri Sudarshana Daham Vidyalaya - Watapotha; Sri Sucharitha Daham Vidyalaya - Kiribathgala and the Wathupitiya Hospital. In all, Brandix donated 13 toilets, five water supply facilities including tube wells and repaired a water tank.

"This approach of assisting public institutions and communal locations brings communities together and builds a sense of ownership that has lasting beneficial impacts," Anusha Alles, Head of CSR of the Brandix Group said. "Projects of this nature enable our factories to play a role in the community, and become important contributors to the wellbeing of the people in their neighbourhoods."


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