Docs unhappy with transfers


by Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) said yesterday it was not happy with the steps taken by the Health Ministry to ensure compliance on the part of doctors who had received transfer orders.

GMOA Secretary, Dr Nalinda Herath said the Health Ministry’s efforts to ensure the full implementation of the annual transfers from 2012 were half-hearted. He said the GMOA was scheduled to meet Director General Health Services (DGHS), Dr Palitha Mahipala for a discussion and a progress review on the issue.

The number of doctors who had failed to accept their annual transfers had reached 280 by October last year, the GMOA said. They had been given transfers according to the Annual transfer lists (2012 to 2015) sanctioned by the Public Service Commission (PSC), Dr. Herath said.

Both the Health Ministry and the GMOA agreed that just as all medical officers had the opportunity to serve in popular stations, people in all parts of the country had a right to be treated by good doctors.

The GMOA Secretary said that his association would also take up the issue of cadre registration at scheduled meeting.


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