The Rise of Monkey Politics


What is your anniversary resolution? What anniversary are you thinking of, New Year was a week ago.

January 8 – what else – anniversary of the Silent Revolution.

We may have had the silence of the ballot, but the events after are louder than what was defeated.

You mean your resolution will be one of silence in the future?

If I must have a resolution, I will resolve to somehow abolish or get rid of the Supreme Court.

Now, why must you want such a change … what about Democracy, Rule of Law and all that linked to the Silent Revolution, that people are celebrating today.

Didn’t you read what the President – the product of this Silent Revolution — has said, that attempts to drastically prune the powers of the Executive Presidency during that 100-day honeymoon, went awry due to Supreme Court intervention.

Isn’t that what the Supreme Court is supposed to do, interpret the Constitution?

Come on, it must interpret what the people want, and not only what the Constitution states. The people wanted the change and the Supreme Court did not allow all of the changes sought and needed

So why can’t you wait for the new constitution that is being planned?

How do you know if the Supreme Court will allow what is said in that…I hope it abolishes the whole thing…

I thought people are celebrating the Independence of the Judiciary today.

What they are celebrating is the greater independence of the politicians,

I mean ruling politicians.

But, isn’t that what the Silent Revolution brought about?

Tell me … did the Silent Revolution support nepotism as we see it rising high and riding strong today?

I suppose no one asked the SC about that?

Did the Silent Revolution give its support to the photogenic madness of power we see today?

What do you mean – photogenic madness?

We were told and believed that Rajapaksa was the most photographed and touched-up president we ever had…but see what’s happening today. Have you counted the photo angles that President Maithri is seen in today?

Now why must you go back to the Rajapaksa days ... when we are in the post-Rajapaksa era?

Because it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between Rajapaksa and Sirisena. The slogans may be different, but the policies seem to be the same.

What nonsense.. can’t you see the extending queues of Rajapaksa and his people at the various commissions of inquiry, FCID, CID and so many other places of public interest.

Of course, there is a tendency towards more of such queues...but there are no charges, arrests, no indictments, no calls before the courts , as promised to bring about with speed under the Silent Revolution…we do see more of silence about corruption today…very much like the silence of the past.

But haven’t you read all those stories by the Cabinet Spokesman and others about Rajapaksa and his family and catchers who are about to be arrested?

Of course such stories make good headlines, so we do read them … but we hardly ever see them come into practice. Let’s be fair. The Rajapaksa’s never spoke of fighting corruption. Why should they, when they let it flourish. But this is a different story, plenty of pledges and promises being broken. This looks like of the Era of Maithri excuses for failure to act when and where needed … and I see a new aspect of corruption in that.

But don’t you appreciate the new culture – the Maithri Culture that is being nurtured?

You mean the culture of revived nepotism or covered up corruption. Do you think I should appreciate the continuation of the Rajapaksa Culture in widening the Cabinet to be sure of a parliamentary majority…the culture of political purchase…and for what?

Let’s forget culture ... what about development?

Look like it’s back to the Rajapaksa track on that, too. Those who said the Colombo Port City should be stopped, are now all for it, and with the same Chinese back up too. The Metropolis is much bigger than the Port City and with results that could be much worse, too.

Looks like this is a bad anniversary for you.

No. no, it is an anniversary of expectations, moving into progress just like the Rajapaksa system.

Why do you say that?

Why don’t you look at the plans for Polonnaruwa – and with full Chinese funding too.

Don’t you want Polonnaruwa to progress?

I don’t want it to be like the Rajapaksa Ruhunu Progress. Who knows, the Maithri Progress at Polonnaruwa could even mean the Chinese bringing their new train from Beijing to Luxemburg to go through Polonnaruwa. Looks like it is to be developed on Chinese lines, complete with a Great Maithri Wall of Rajarata.

It appears the Chinese Year of the Monkey, which begins next month, will have a big impact on the progress of monkey politics in Sri Lanka.

That’s right … you’ve just got the word…it is the Rise of Monkey Politics that is being celebrated on the anniversary of the Silent Revolution.

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