PM sees brighter side of Opposition dashing coconuts


PM addressing the media

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, on Saturday, asked the Opposition members who dashed coconuts against the government and the FCID (Financial Crimes Investigation Division) to crack more nuts so that coconut prices would go up helping cultivators draw more revenue.

Addressing a meeting attended by UNP Kurunegala District representatives at Kuliyapitiya, the Prime Minister said: "Today, the prices of coconut in the Wayamba Province have come down. I know the price decrease very well because I, too, have a coconut estate. I instruct those who smash coconuts to purchase at least 100,000 coconuts from all areas of the country. That would create a shortage of coconuts and then the prices of coconuts would go up again. When the prices of coconuts go up the people in the Wayamba province would have money in their hands. Do not break just 10-15 coconuts for that would have no effect for the market price. Smash at least 100,000 once which would have some effect in prices.

"I also call upon the protesters to buy the coconuts they dash. There is no point in smashing the coconuts that they steal from state coconut plantations. The gods would not help those who dash stolen coconuts. They can break coconuts against the UNP, too. But you should do so only after buying them. No god would help those who smash stolen coconuts.

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