Two women taken in for using another’s ATM card

By Cyril Wimalasurendre

KANDY: Two women of Rakshawa Estate in Panwila police division were arrested by Panwila police following a complaint of theft of money using an ATM card belonging to another person.

The who person who lost the card reported the loss to the bank concerned.

The bank manager grew suspicious when the two women came to him complaining that they could not withdraw money from the account with the ATM card in their possession.

The managers informed the Panwila police who took the two women into custody.

By that time the two women had withdrawn Rs. 65,000 fraudulently.

Panwila police are conducting investigations.

An investigator said some people were in the habit of writing the PINs of their ATM cards on pieces of paper and keeping them together lest they should be forgotten. That had led to large amounts of money being drawn fraudulently by those who steal ATM cards.

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