Russia committed to ensuring Sri Lanka’s security

* Warns against anyone harbouring illusions of military supremacy

by Zacki Jabbar

Russia says that ensuring security, stability and minimizing tensions were the cornerstones of its military cooperation with Sri Lanka.

Defence Attache at the Russian Embassy, Colonel Dmitry Mikhaylovsky addressing a ceremony to mark " Defender of the Fatherland Day" in Colombo last week said that long standing ties between the two countries was based on trust and sincere friendship between its peoples and Armed Forces.

"Our bilateral military cooperation has as its goal security, stability, and prevention of the escalation of tension", he noted adding that Russia would do everything necessary to enhance cooperation with its partners and ensure peace and stability in the world.

Mikhaylovsky warned that no one should harbour any illusions about achieving military supremacy over Russia. Such thinking followed by any reckless actions he said would always have an adequate response."International terrorism is the world’s biggest threat with the ISIS leading the way. It is very real, and many countries, particularly Russia, have first hand experience of suffering from it. But there are ways to combat it , as the Russian Aerospace Forces have demonstrated over the past few months.The ultimate objective is to shut down the sources that finance terrorism."

In recent years Russia had successfully carried out an ambitious program to modernize its army, navy, air and space defences and nuclear forces aimed at guaranteeing global parity, Mikhaylovsky added.

He said that since 1919 , on February 23 each year Russia had honoured its military personnel both past and present and civilians who had dedicated themselves to protecting their fellow citizens and the country’s sovereignty and security. It, was Russia’s tradition, the Defence Attache observed to remember the contributions of those who wore their military uniforms with honour and carried out their duties without reproach in protecting the country from foreign invasions.

Recalling the celebration of the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazism , he said that it was a sacred date for Russia since it was its peoples and soldiers who had made a decisive contribution to fighting the Nazis. " It was the courage of our soldiers and officers in the battles for Moscow and Stalingrad, Kursk, Kiev, Leningrad, Budapest and Warsaw, Prague and finally Berlin that made it possible to defeat the aggressor’s finest troops.They not only drove the Nazis from their land but went on to liberate Europe from enslavement, struck a blow against the aggressor in the Far East and then sounded the victorious final note in the Second World War.These are not just historical facts but the memory that lives in every Russian family and was part of its history, which would be defend from lies and prevented from being forgotten."

The military will always look to the examples set by their seniors and would never flinch or retreat in discharging their responsibility towards ensuring the security and stable development of their country, Mikhaylovsky emphasized.

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