Mother, her toddler son found dead in well

Police suspect suicide

By Madura Ranwala

A 32-year-old mother and her one-and-a-half-year-old son were found dead in a well in Periyapalai on March 19. Police conducting investigations suspect the woman may have plunged into the well with her son.

The postmortem revealed that the woman, identified as J. Dayajini, and her child had drowned.

Police said the woman’s husband, an attendant attached to the Pallai Rural Hospital, and her father had not been at home at the time of the incident. They said there had been no family dispute.

The police believe the woman put her child into the well through an opening in a wire mesh covering it before plunging herself in.

The woman’s father, upon his return home, had peeped into the well after searching for her and the child in the house in vain, police said. He had seen the child floating in the well and raised cries, investigators said.

Villagers rushed the child to hospital though he had already died. Later, they looked for his mother and emptied the well with the help of a water pump. Her body was found stuck in mud.

The victim’s family members have told police she had been under treatment for a mental illness and five months back she had stopped her medication. Police said they were probing other possibilities as well.

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