"May Day, May Day" warning ahead for SLFP


What are you doing about Earth Day?

Why, what do you expect me to do?

Are you not even planting a tree?

You mean to put more weight o Earth or to give a chance for someone to cut in down in the future?

Are you not doing anything about carbon pollution?

What do you want me to do when we are planning to build another coal power station?

Will you do nothing to help keep the Earth cleaner, like throwing your garbage into a can?

Why me and a garbage can?  Why don’t you ask those people who keep loading tons of garbage where  near people’s homes, and are now planning to use trains to transport tons of garbage to Puttalam every day?

You don’t seem to get the meaning – surely today is Earth Day.

So you came to see me to ask about Earth Day, driving your latest SUV, with a full tank of petrol, and all the pollution that causes? Why don’t you just ask for a ban on all car imports at least for some time, or get the VAT on cars raised by 2000 pr cent – it just might help save the Earth.

There is no point in talking to you about Earth Day – it only pushes the Earth to more peril.

You mean by the words I use? What about all that muck that is spoken by politicians, and especially ministers and even higher persons every day? What about the peril they cause to the lives of people, just put the Earth aside?

You said put the Earth aside on Earth Day?

Yes, what is more important just now is not Earth Day but May Day?

But May Day is yet to come, who not talk about it when it dawns?

That is what you think, but all important decisions taken in the country today are about the coming May Day. See how the VAT was amended so fast. That is to face the threat of May Day.

But why all this fuss or bother about May Day –we have had it for so long.

You don’t understand that what is ahead is a dual May Day?

How can there be a dual May Day – the International Workers Day.

That is all old hat. This has nothing to do with International Workers Day. It is all to do with Sri Lanka Freedom Party day. That is new meaning given to May Day by those planning rival rallies in Galle and Colombo – that is the duality of this May Day.

You mean it has nothing do do with the rights and demands of workers anymore?

What nonsense. It is no more a red flag day in this country. It is the rival blue flag day of those who have long forgotten workers and peasants, and are more interested in how to grab control of their blue flag party.

Have you listened to the Maithri and Rajapaksa talk. It is all about who will give the real lead on this May Day. This is the first time we hear about invitations to attend the May Day rally of one’s own party.

Now that you mentioned that…there are also warnings about disciplinary action against those who attend the wrong blue rally.

That is after that big hoax about taking disciplinary action against those who attended the recent Hyde Park rally. "Beware of Disciplinary Action" is the May Day slogan of the Galle blue organizers, who say they have no more maithri feelings towards the Kirillapone blue strategists.

Do you think there is no possibility of reconciliation among these rival blue camps after this May Day?

Reconciliation, if at all, is only to be among communities, not within a political party, and those having different ideas and dreams of leadership.

So who will, be the winner in this May Day contest, which will not be like the good old Galle Face May Days, where the red flags covered the green.  Will it be the rally that has the larger crowd?

The contest is certainly on crowd size. But that has its own conditions. It will depend on who has more buses, more spirits to cheer the people, and also the cash to line their pockets.

Does that not give a handicap to those who are in power, in government?

Not necessarily. Those who are out of power also have their own sources of funding. The defeated are not without assets. The assets of a defeated regime, that remain almost untouched despite all the big talk of "yahapal" for more than a year.

You think there is no time left for the Galle planners to make sure of winning.

Who knows. They may even expand the Cabinet further, passing the century score. There may be more big, rich favours to the blues who are on the Kirillapone side. There will be more buildings taken on huge rent, and a helluva lot of big talk, too. Just wait and see.

From what you say it seems a ‘May day, May day’ threat to those on the blue side, whether at Galle or Colombo.

That seems true. But those who talk of discipline on May Day attendance may ultimately see the blues of dissension and discontent. This is not the blue of power they are looking for.

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