JVP: Workers’ rights being suppressed in unprecedented manner under present govt.

Workforce should not be distracted by Kirulapone-Galle issue


JVP Trade Union Wing Leader KD Lalkantha addressing media during a press conference at party headquarters yesterday.

The JVP yesterday said that May Day being celebrated as the international workers’ day had been tragically reduced to a question of whether workers should go to Kirulapone or Galle rallies.

 "The day is of utmost importance to the workers of the country, but this year’s May Day has been eclipsed by the Kirulapone-Galle issue," JVP Trade Union Wing Leader K.D. Lalkantha said yesterday.

 Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters, Lalkantha said the country’s workforce were subjected to suppression to an unprecedented level under the present government which had curtailed workers’ rights. People should come out and rally strongly around the party or union that fought for their rights, Lalkantha said.

"May Day is an opportunity for the left movements to mobilise their cadres to champion thier cause and win their demands. However, today, workers have been distracted by petty political issues."

 Lalkantha said that the government was planning to implement a new tax system with effect from May 02 and the need of the hour was for to workers to join forces to defeat that move. "If the workforce of the country is polarised on the basis of an internal party problem on this day, they would have to suffer the consequences of the new tax policy the following day itself. The government in power is burdened with a bunch o leaders who are not ready to make sacrifices for the betterment of the workforce of the country. People should understand that going to either Kirulapone or Galle will not solve their problems. They need to topple this government which deprives them of their rights.

"The government has started attacking the media personnel who are also a part of the workforce of this country. Both the President and the Prime Minister summon newspaper owners, heads of media organisations and editors to their official residences and threaten them. This is curtailing freedom of the press. Similarly, the government, instead promoting the good governance it promised, has taken to suppressing workers."

Lalkantha invited the workers to attend the JVP’s May Day rally. He that two major parties which ha ruled the country alternately proved that they did not care two hoots about the rights of workers and, therefore, had no moral right to celebrate the May Day. "We call upon people to shun both UNP and SLFP rallies and to rally around us."

JVP Propaganda Secretary, MP Vijitha Herath and Convenor of the Anti-Corruption Voice Organisation Wasantha Samarasinghe also addressed the briefing. 


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