Man bolts minus part of tongue

Intrepid teenage girl foils rape

By Madura Ranwala

An 18-year-old schoolgirl in the Mawathagama Police area recently succeeded in freeing herself from the clutches of a man who tried to rape her. She bit off part of his tongue.

 The girl handed over the severed part of the man’s tongue to the police. It is being kept in a freezer to be produced in court.

Police have not yet been able to arrest the suspect.

 An investigator told The Island last night that the victim with her seven-year-old sister had returned home on that day after school. Their parents, both labourers, were away at work.

 She grew suspicious when she found the kitchen door open and the light in her room burning. She was looking around cautiously when she saw a man standing on the compound.

The suspect promptly asked her for a glass of water.

Sensing danger, instead of going into the house, she ran away dragging her sister.

  However, the suspect ran behind them, grabbed her and wrestled her to the ground in a bid to rape her. Without giving in she fought back with might and main. He tried to kiss her in spite of her resistance only to get the shock of his life. He ran away screaming minus part of his tongue.

Investigations have revealed that the suspect had entered the victim’s house by removing roof tiles.

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