Manning Market traders fined for adulteration

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Maligakanda Magistrate’s Court fined two Manning Market traders Rs. 35,000 for selling contaminated and low quality spices and ghee.

Acting Food Inspector, M. B. Lal Kumara of the Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council (PHD CMC) yesterday said following raid at the Manning Market last week legal action had been instituted against one of the two vendors after he had been found to be retailing contaminated ghee, chilli powder mixed with flour and chilli flakes mixed with table salt. He had been fined Rs. 15,000 by the Maligakanda Magistrate, Prasanna de Alwis, Lal Kumara said.

The second vendor was fined Rs. 20,000, by the Magistrate for retailing saffron and curry powder mixed with flour and powdered chilli mixed with salt, he said.

Kumara said the inspections had been carried out on instructions of the Chief Medical Officer of the PHD.

Lal Kumara said vendors mixed spices with salt and flour to increase their weight and extending shelf life.

Many people including small grocery owners purchased their spices from the Manning Market believing it to be cheap only to be cheated.

"The PHD has been able to curb the use of colouring some which were carcinogenic being added to spices to enhance their appearance. However, vendors have come up with this method now."

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