Interdicted union head accuses CPC chief of arbitrary action

By Madura Ranwala

President of Sri Lanka Nidahas Sevaka Sangamaya (SLNSS), Bandula Saman Kumara, who was interdicted on May 04, claimed yesterday that the Chairman and Managing Director of Ceylon Petroleum Cooperation (CPC) T. G. Jayasinghe was acting arbitrarily according to instructions given by a driver of the Corporation, who had been interdicted several times earlier and reinstated.

The driver had been arrested by the Dompe police a few years back for having links with the LTTE and interdicted. He had been interdicted for more than three times earlier, but he had been reinstated by successive governments each time due to his political connections. He was causing havoc in the CPC, due to close relationship he had with the Chairman, the union head said.

"The close relationship is a serious matter for the employees of CPC," he said, adding that he had not received the letter of interdiction. He said he had come to know he had been interdicted when he was not allowed to enter the work place by the security guards as per a letter issued by the CPC Chairman.

SLNSS President Kumara said as a worker he had a right address any May Day rally.

Addressing media at Dharmavijaya Foundation in Colombo, Saman said the country would face a severe fuel crisis as one of the suppliers had failed to deliver oil stocks on time.

He said the CPC had been compelled to call for another supplier at a higher price within two days and if that supplier’s ship could not reach the country before May 07, there would be a fuel shortage.

"Even the Minister is helpless as his instructions go unheeded," the trade union leader said.

SLNSS Vice President Jagath Wijegunaratne said they would resort to a strike after having discussions with other unions in the CPC if the Corporation Chairman continued to behave according to his whims and fancies.

The state of Sapugaskanda oil refinery would soon grind to a halt if the administration did not take necessary measures to maintain it, Jagath said.


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