Five more members of much-dreaded Avaa group arrested in North

by Norman Palihawadane

Jaffna police yesterday arrested five members of the criminal outfit known as Avaa Group, involved in serious crimes in the Jaffna District. Two hand grenades in the possession of the suspects were recovered.

Leader of the group, Kumaresaratnam Vinothan (21) from Inuvil also known as ‘Avaa,’ had been taken into custody on January 06, 2014, but the group had been operating in the district, the police said.

The suspects arrested yesterday were from Chunnakkam and Nallur areas, the police said.

According to police a group of about 25 young gangsters had been engaged in crimes including kidnappings and armed robberies.

They had terrorised the people in the Northern Province and the public was wary of making complaints to the police against them for fear of reprisal.

The police were looking for the remaining members of the gang, an investigator said.

According to a police report so far 13 members of the Avaa Group have been taken into custody. They are from Atchuvely, Manipay, Kopay and Chunnakam police areas.

Police have taken into custody nine motorcycles, hand grenades, 12 swords, knuckle dusters and several other lethal weapons. It is said that the members of the group are between 17 and 30 years of age.


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