Tilvin sues Weerawansa for Rs. 100 million


by Chitra Weerarathne

Colombo Commercial High Court Judge Shiran Guneratne yesterday fixed for trial on July 8, 2016 a complaint filed by the Secretary of the JVP, Tilvin Silva complaining that Wimal Weerawansa has violated the intellectual property rights of the JVP by publishing a book titled, Neththa Wenuwata Eththa.

 The complainant has demanded Rs. 100 million damages from the defendant, who he had alleged, published minutes of party meetings without permission from the party leader or the party executive committee.

 Complainant Silva has requested the court to prohibit the printing and distribution of Weerawansa’s publication.

The alleged offence amounts to a violation of the intellectual property rights of the JVP the complaint has alleged.

Weerawansa published the book after his defection from the JVP.

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