Salley blames govt for taking calamity lightly

 By Jehan Haniff

An outspoken politician alleged last evening that more lives could have been saved if the Government did not take lightly the flood situation, which contributed to the confirmed deaths of 58 people and affected more than 420,000 in the country.

“Compared to contribution made by the business community and the conscience stricken masses, the Government did comparatively nothing to the more than 420,000 persons affected by floods in the country,” a highly shaken-up leader of the Muslim Tamil National Alliance (MTNA), Azath Salley told The Island yesterday evening.

“There were Government hotlines which were not working or not answered. In some areas not a single Government officer visited the flood-hit areas,” he said.

Salley said he was surprised at the attitude of the Wellampitiya OIC who took into custody four boats purchased by the Memon community to rescue the marooned people in the Wellampitiya area. “I had to call the IGP and get the boats released,” he said thanking the Police chief for the prompt action taken.

“The Wellampitiya OIC could not do anything for the people nor did he allow others to do something for their own countrymen,” a disgusted MTNA leader said.

At a time when the families of the deceased and the affected people must be looked after completely forgetting or playing-down festivities and spending those monies for the affected brothers and sisters, Salley said he had noticed that some sections of the community not even caring about their countrymen.

“I salute Podi Hamuduruwo, Chief Prelate of the Gangaramaya Temple for the generous donation he has made to the Army to help the flood stricken people – deciding to reduce expenses for a Buddhist event he has planned,” he said.

The MTNA leader requested all other religious leaders to take the example of Podi Hamuduruwo.

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