Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala first Sri Lankan to summit Everest


 Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala created history as the first Sri Lankan to summit Mount Everest yesterday morning.

Two Sri Lankans, Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala, a former woman journalist and Johann Peries, left for Nepal on March 28 to climb Everest, the highest mountain on earth.

Located in the Mahalangur mountain range in Nepal and Tibet, its peak is 8,848 metres.

In a congratulatory message, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that reaching the summit of Mount Everest was a formidable and challenging proposition.

Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala has done Sri Lanka proud by achieving this feat, he noted. "It is our fervent hope that Johann Peries will also be able to reach the summit of this mountain without impediment".

"Together with all Sri Lankans, I am joined by my wife, Prof. Maithri Wickremesinghe, in expressing our deep appreciation of this valiant achievement", the premier said in his message.


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