‘My message is love, peace, tolerance and universal brotherhood’— Younus Al Gohar


By Steve A. Morrell

His Holiness Younus Al Gohar’s outlook and universal portrayal of peace and love has captivated wide audiences of many religious and ethnic origins in diverse parts of the world.

In Sri Lanka his teachings of unity and harmony among communities have had tranquil influences that continued to impact on respect for all human beings.

Simplicity of his teachings, innate respect for each other cut across racial and religious barriers that provoked a new awakening that such obstacles were short lived.

Younus Al Gohar, who heads the Messiah Foundation, is based in the United Kingdom. He was on a visit to Colombo last week and The Sunday Island met with him at the Colombo Hilton for a chat.

The following are excerpts of the interview:

Q: Since your last visit, what do you find different here?

I don’t know, really. You had a change of government. One government replaced the other in a peaceful change. Progress such as that was an outstanding demonstration of unity and tolerance.

We need politicians who do not discriminate between peoples. They should have knowledge of different religions, deep insight and those who could recognize fairness and fairplay. They should be compassionate. There should be leaders of such calibre and substance.

I do see a change in love and peace. Let me give you an example. Take the media industry here. They seek discussion with me. My opinion seems to have quite some value. On my part, I have to make sure everybody is focused on human values, mainly peace and love.

Q: Based on what you just said, your teachings of peace and love, is perhaps, an Utopia that could not be achieved?

Wrong. It can be achieved. You need to be open and equal in what you do. Most countries in the West are focused in what they do. Take the example of the UK. There are many Muslims living there. They do not discriminate. Similarly, in the US also, there are many Muslims.

In the West, we have countries which not only talk of equality, but also practice what they talk. What I say is, although there is freedom of expression, there are limits and limitations.

Take the issue of refugees, Germany, for example, accepted Muslim refugees. Why? They were assured of fair treatment and guided by the principles of human rights.

My teachings encapsulate similar tolerance. Peace and love as an inscribed norm for togetherness transcends most other considerations. I don’t know about African countries. But since you spoke of different countries, take Mexico, which is predominantly Catholic.

My message of peace, tolerance and love completely overshadowed doubts they might have had. Could I have told them more than their teachings of Jesus Christ? That was not what I told them. My message continued to be peace and love. That is the foundation of the Messiah Foundation.

I told them about Lord Jesus, and His message. I also carry out healing gatherings. These are successful. Most importantly, all my services are free. What I do is humanitarian work. It is not a business.

Q: Have people who have listened to you changed in their outlook and you brought about change in their lives?

My talk will not change them. What will change them is the spiritual procedure I talk of. When the divine energy enter their hearts and their souls are awakened, they would have the taste of love. If they want to change themselves, my talk alone is not enough. It is the spiritual energy that would let the change happen and it would help. The seed of love must be implanted. That would bring about the change.

My message is creating a universal brotherhood. It’s a wonderful message. It is not against any religion. It benefits everybody. It’s not aimed at creating any segregation. It unites everybody. The knowledge of this spirituality, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, they are all getting united. This is religious integration, rather than separation. They find it helpful to get rid of hatred we see so often today, especially in the name of religion.

Q: There should not be any domination based on caste or creed or ethnicity?

We are all equal. When God created us we were created equal.

Q: You mentioned caste and so on. There is a gap. How would you bridge that gap?

Quite easy. A man is able to learn to love. A man can activate his potential to recognize such God given features. I agree there is a gap among us. But such gaps were not God given, but originated by man.

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