jayalalitha, the ‘amma’ returns to power


The people of Tamil Nadu have returned Jayalalitha to power, though not decisively; the AIDMK was won 128 of the 232 seats in the TN Assembly and the DMK has won 103 seats (one ‘independent’ has also been returned).

It is being alleged that it was Money Power that enabled the AIDMK to win the election. Yes there has been a huge distribution of cash and other ‘goodies’ by the AIDMK (the Supreme Court of TN has held that this is not in violation of their election law!!!). Corruption is of course not unknown to Jayalalitha; she it was who was charged and convicted of acquiring disproportionate wealth; it was commonly known but it appears that this was a part of their political culture.

She was able to have her case postponed for 18 years! She was finally convicted by a court in Bangalore and that conviction was overturned by the highest court in Chennai, and that was how she was able to resume her political career; without fear of being contradicted one could say that there is no professional politician in the world today who can match her, considering what she has got away with. This does not speak well for both Tamil Nadu and India itself.  

Her return does not auger well for Sri Lanka; she has stated that "her party will take continuous steps to create a separate state for the Tamils of Lanka"! We need to take serious notice of this statement of hers and protest to the Indian government for what she has said is seditious; she is seeking to undermine our close relationship with India. Does she realize that she is calling for another war? Has she given thought to what the consequences of such a war would be?

Does the Stupid not know that the LTTE killed 1,472 Indian soldiers and maimed over another thousand. (Over 2000 LTTE cadres lost their lives in the 30 year war).   She has also called upon the Indian government to grant dual nationality to the refugees from Sri Lanka living in Tamil Nadu; Jayalalitha apparently does not know that India does not give dual nationality. Most of these refugees are of course people from Tamil Nadu who were brought here by the British to work on the tea plantations. They should be granted Indian nationality because their original home was in Tamil Nadu.

The other issue would be that bridge and tunnel  which many politicians in India are seeking to have  constructed to link Sri Lanka with India! We cannot understand the government’s silence on the issue of the bridge despite many articles expressing concern over Indian statements that this bridge and or tunnel or both would be built. That bridge would be an absolute disaster for our country.

Jayalalitha is also seeking to have Sri Lanka hand Katchchativu island to India. We need to ensure that Katchchaitivu remains a part of Lanka as it has always been. The other important issue is of course Indian fishing using trawlers and drag nets in the Palk Strait and pauperizing our Tamil fishermen. India and Jayalalitha MUST realize this if she is concerned about Tamils of Lanka.

We need to counter this woman on an urgent basis; we must establish Consulates in all the Southern States and also with the state of Bengal;  we need, in our interest,  to cultivate the closest of relations with them. Let us explore the possibility of our Provincial Councils entering into  Economic and Cultural Agreements  with South Indian States, for instance the Southern Province Council could enter into an Agreement with Kerala, we could have five PCs entering into Agreements with the five South Indian States and a sixth entering into an Agreement with the State of Bengal; let us next invite those Assemblies to visit our country individually and promote relations with each State separately; we could thus counter Jayalalitha and Tamil Nadu.    

K Godage

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