Atomic Energy Board says fears unfounded

Protest against nuke lab

In response to fears being expressed by people of Halbarawa over the planned siting of a nuclear lab in the area, the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLAEB) said there will no harmful effect on the environment due to activities of the proposed facility.

Full text of the statement issued by SLAEB:

The Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board (SLAEB), which is currently established at Orugodawatte, is to be relocated as a result of proposed project "New Bridge over Kelani River" which is a nationally important project to connect highway network to ease the traffic. The SLAEB will be totally demolished due to this new Project.

 It was decided to construct a building complex for SLAEB office and to house its laboratory facilities at IT Park at Halbarawa where scientific institutions are planned to be established.

 All necessary approvals from relevant authorities have already been obtained for construction of SLAEB at Halbarawa.

SLAEB is nationally important Government institution for national development. One of its main functions is to provide essential services to protect Nation from unwarranted exposure to ionizing radiation while performing main activities mentioned below.

 SLAEB strongly confirms that there will not be any harmful effect to environment and the public due to activities of this institute.

1. Personal Monitoring Programme for measurement of Occupational Exposure of Radiation workers in the country.

2. Calibration of Radiation Monitors used in Radiation laboratories/workplaces in the country to facilitate radiation safety of workers, public and environment.

3. Environmental Radiation Monitoring Programme for protection of environment and public from trans- boundary radioactive dispersion.

4. Radiation protection and consultancy services and training on radiation protection and nuclear security related areas.

5. Nuclear Analytical services for monitoring of radioactive contamination of milk food items and other radioactivity measurements for consumer protection purposes.

6. Nuclear Agriculture Program to promote Nuclear Techniques for enhancement of agricultural productivity, Food Safety & Security.

7. Isotope Hydrology Program for providing technical support to the Water Sector and Dam owner institutes /organizations for management of water resources & Dam safety.

8. R & D activities to develop environmentally friendly products to enhance productivity of agricultural products.

9. NDT services to industries: Provide Nuclear Technology to solve industrial problem, Quality, Safety, and Productivity.

10. Sri Lanka Gamma Centre to cater mainly the health care sector (for sterilization medical products) and food processing sectors (for value addition) of the country.

11. Functioning as National Focal Point to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Implementation of IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme in Sri Lanka in order to obtain IAEA technical assistance for the country.

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