Counsel for Gammanpila argues that his arrest purely political

By Chitra Weerarathne

The fundamental rights violation application filed by Parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila, Attorney-at-law was supported in the Supreme Court yesterday by Romesh de Silva PC.

The President’s Counsel said the arrest of Gamanpila was unreasonable. The allegation against Gammanpila could have been inquired into by the Magistrate without remanding the petitioner, as he could not have interfered with witnesses who were in Australia. The arrest was purely political, the counsel said.

His client was alleged to have forged a Power of Attorney Certificate to misappropriate shares in a company named Digital Nominees Pvt. Ltd. There was only a ‘B-report’ filed by the Special Investigations Unit, Counsel De Silva argued.

He said Gammanpila had not been charged. The arrest was a violation of the client’s personal liberty.

Romesh de Silva appeared with Sugath Caldera.

The Additional Solicitor General Ayesha Jinasena, President’s Counsel appeared for the Attorney General.

The ASG said that Gammanpila had been arrested with substantial suspicion against him. The Speaker was informed of the arrest.

The petitioner had been arrested because he was suspected of having committed an offence, the ASG said.

The petitioner was suspected of criminal misappropriation of money belonging to the Digital Nominees Pvt. Ltd.

It was also Criminal Breach of Trust, the Additional Solicitor General said.

The Bench comprised Chief Justice K. Sripavan and Justice Upali Abeyratne.

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