FSP accuses UNP, JVP of hypocrisy

Making biometrics mandatory:

by Harischandra Gunaratna

Frontline Socialist Party Convenor Pubudu Jayagoda yesterday said the UNP and the JVP were playing a dubious game and when they were in the Opposition both parties had vehemently objected to the then government's plan to legislate for biometrics to be obtained when amending the Registration of Persons Act, but today they were supporting it.

FSPC stalwart Jayagoda, addressing a news conference at Rajagiriya, said when the UNP was in the Opposition present Deputy Minister for Public Enterprise Development Eran Wickramaratne had been a vociferous critic of the system and even declared: "I am not prepared to give my personal details."

Wickramaratne had said, when Ranil came to power it would be hanged, Jagoda said. But, he supported the Bill making biometrics mandatory.

"Not a single MP objected to it; the TNA, the other party who voted against it when in Opposition also voted for it this time," Jagoda said.

Jayagoda asked why the government needed all those personal details which actually would not be included in the national identity card.

He said, "The objective behind obtaining biometrics and other highly personal family details is to suppress the masses."

"The data will be stored at the State Intelligence Service which will be housed at Battaramulla", Jayagoda said.

The FSP Convenor said governments of France, Italy and Finland had tried it but given it up due to strong opposition from the masses while the law had been passed in the US both the main candidates of the US Presidential election had made a pledge that they would abolish the law which allowed biometrics and other personal details of persons to be taken.

Jayagoda urged the masses to take to the streets opposing the new scheme.

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