Sales volume soars at newly opened fisheries outlets


By Don Asoka Wijewardena

The recently opened Fisheries Corporation outlets had a turnover of around Rs.200,000 to Rs. 400,000 each daily, and the fish prices have been reduced by 23 per cent, says Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister Rajitha Senartne..

The Minister said when he assumed duties fish prices were very expensive and ordinary people could not afford to buy fish. But since the opening of Fisheries Corporation outlets fish magnates who monopolized the industry had lowered the prices, he said at the Opening Ceremony of the 73rd Fisheries Corporation Outlet in Kelaniya recently.

Minister Senaratne said some politicians were against the opening of new Fisheries Corporation outlets because these politicians had taken money from fish magnates for election purposes. The politicians had come to power through the support of fish magnates. They had become politicians not through businessmen, but by the power of the ordinary people’s votes.

He pointed out that President Rajapaksa was once the Fisheries Minister and was well aware of the importance of the sector. It was the President’s brainchild to establish the Sagara University to develop the industry further. Although the university did not come under the Fisheries Ministry’s purview, the university used to consult him on policy formulation and implementation.

Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva said that Miniter Senaratne was quite capable of developing the Fisheries Sector and nobody criticized his Ministry. In the past ordinary people were unable to buy fish because the industry had been monopolized by magnates. Since the opening of Fisheries Corporation outlets, fish prices were beginning to come down gradually.

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