Chandrika, Mahinda also followed UNP policies - Kabir


by Zacki Jabbar

Former Presidents Chandrika Kumaratunga and Mahinda Rajapaksa also followed UNP policies while criticising them, says Public Enterprise Development Minister Kabir Hashim.

Hashim, who is also General Secretary of the UNP, was addressing a ceremony held at Sirikotha last week, to register the former leader of the Democratic Party, Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka as a member of the UNP.

"Both Chandrika and Mahinda when in government actually implemented the policies that we introduced though they were very critical of it when in the Opposition," he noted, adding that the difference was only in the rebranding they resorted to.

Hashim said that the entry of Fonseka, who is also Regional Development Minister and many members of the Democratic Party, had strengthened the UNP. "It’s a significant development in the run up to our 70th anniversary celebrations to be held in September. In this connection we recently launched the first ever political party membership App in this country."

The UNP was older than even independent Sri Lanka and responsible for whatever tangible progress the country had achieved. It never compromised on its principles just for the sake of capturing power and that was the reason why it remained the single largest party in the country, he observed.

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