Sri Lanka’s talent pool to get a reality check at the Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2016

‘Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2016’ will commence its second and the final day with a session dedicated for a reality check on the country’s existing talent pool, with the participation of top corporate executives and government officials, both from local and overseas.

The session 5 of the summit ‘Growing Sri Lanka’s talent pool – Reality Check and Pragmatic Options,’ has lined up Dr. Mohd Gazali Abas, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia and Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Google India delivering the keynote speeches.

Dr. Mohad Gazali, who will start the session with a keynote speech holds a PhD in economics from the Waseda University, Japan, and was once the Director of the Human Capital Development Section of the Economic Planning Unit, of the Malaysian Prime Minister's Department.

Rajan Anandan, who will follow Gazali with another keynote presentation is responsible for Google sales and operations in the South Asian region and has held leadership positions in globally acclaimed firms such as Microsoft, Dell and McKinsey before joining Google. - CCC

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