The inflexibility and untrustworthiness of Chief Minister NPC


The Northern Province population of 993,741, is 31.92% of the total population of 3,113,247 Tamils in the island. The remaining 68.08% of Tamils live outside the Northern Province.

The population composition of Tamils by district is:

Jaffna -577,745 -18.56% of total Tamil population

Mannar - -80962 - 2.6% -do-

Vavuniya -142,561 - 4.58% -do-

Mullaitivu -81,263 - 2.61% -do-

Kilinochchi -111,210 - 3.57% -do

Probability of merging of Eastern Province with the Northern Province is zero. Current Chief Minister of the Eastern Province is a Sri Lankan of Muslim origin. Sri Lanka does not wish to have another separatist war to give a provincial administration to the Muslims. It is wise that the Tamils accept the current level of provincial administration – Northern Provincial Council (NPC), and live socially integrated and humanely with the majority Sinhala people in the North. The Eastern Province should practise democracy, and live socially and humanely with the Tamils and the majority Sinhalese in the East. Muslims of Sri Lanka are not fools to be charmed into your foolish diplomacy and sneaky plans. They would like to administer the East as Sri Lankans. Therefore, please stop promoting your supporters around the globe to attract Muslims, by giving them media assistance etc.

It is a strong advise that Mr. CV Wigneswaran concentrate on developing the North, and look forward to modelling the North as an intellectually and technologically advancing province, instead of chattering gobbledygook politics. Mr. Wigneswaran: You are not young enough to understand 21st century modern politics and democracy and, therefore, you should step down and give the position to a younger persons. I am 73+ of age and have an IQ of 127. I am not sure of your IQ score. Our Tamils in the North are so backward to understand Demography, Democracy, and Human Geography and Justice. The only doggerel that terrorist Prabakaran (VP) propagated was Tamil Eelam. He was a smuggler with little education. The backward followers of VP are still continuing with that mantra. Politicians like you and other irrational politicians are continuing to use that mantra - "Tamil Eelam", to intoxicate and indoctrinate the young ones and the old bamboozles.

Your act is similar to:"like somebody who retains something, but prevents others getting it, although that somebody does not use it". You are neither eager to develop the North nor allow the Council members to do so. Maybe now some progress is made with respect to small industries and work on water storage in Thondaimannar.

Mr. Thavarajah Sinnadurai (TS), the Leader of Opposition (LOP) has pointed out several shortcomings of the Council. TS, DD, and EPDP have a strong vision and mission, for the province, however, people in the North are so brainwashed about FP, TNA, Tamil Eelam that they vote for the comedians who still go on promoting TE. Hon TS is eager to develop the North, however, he is the LOP with limited power. Why don’t you consider a minister position for TS in a united council administration?

Mr. CVW, just give some thoughts: 31.92% of the Tamils including Indian origin live in the North. Remaining 68.08% of the Tamils live outside the North. Tamils from the highlands hold key positions in the cabinet. Mr. CVW, why not Sambanthan relinquish the TNA, LOP running to the US, meeting US and Indian politicians, to bluff the people in the north that he is in contact with seagulls in the West. It would be beneficial for TNA to join the government and some can hold ministerial position and start development.

Another example is that you wear national dress, with Pattai & pottu, when GOSL President visits the North. However, when anyone from US, UK, OR Europe visits the North, you seem to present yourself with a suit outfit, without the Pattai and Pottu. (Ref: What is the reason for this hypocrisy CVW?

It is of the view that you are the bottleneck and constraint for reconciliation and development. You have become a slave to the US and Rudrakumaran. You also seem to gather some separatist in Jaffna to run behind you, which gives fear to TNA politicians. Your speeches are like that of a pseudo random signal (PRS) with some pattern.

Why do you complain of PTA to the US? India has an act known as POTA, and every country has the right to enact an act to prevent terrorism. It is of the opinion that no outside country should interfere with GOSL law and legal affairs. Mr. CVW, can you ask why US is destroying countries, just for oil and oil passage? Think of the 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Kosovo and several nations. The war there was perpetrated by US for their selfish motive, giving flimsy false lies. Do you know the extent of HR violations committed by the US soldiers in those countries? Do you not know the result, if American forces land in the North or Trinco? Are there no competent medical practitioners to test people in the North? You are humiliating and disgracing your doctors.

In the 21st century, China is almost feeding most of nations. China is competitive, flooding the world market with all kinds of products, for common man to access. US billionaires does not like that, because they want all income to accumulate to their account. Today a common man can afford to have a computer because China makes it available at competitive price.

You often state that people in the North are living at the point of a gun. It is totally not true CVW. I have been in Jaffna, and that was not my judgement. The only truth is people live in fear of sword, sword killing, cuts, drugs, child sex etc. by the Tamil goons. Being a Chief Minister, have you ever made any attempt to go around villages and speak to people about the wrongdoings, and where their children’s life is leading to? Every goon wants to take a boat and come to Australia. After coming here, they want Tamil Eelam. What a joke CVW?

CVW, you sit with Kamba Bharathi and make speeches, which yield no benefit, but think you are too big of a person to talk to ordinary citizens. You are nothing as far as the Tamils are concerned CVW. Just a common man being elected to the NPC. Please restrain your talks and refine your thoughts and behave like a common person.

"Wigneswaran says that there is no room for geographical divisions in the Northern Province". Ref: Can you say your ancestors did not ill-treat the Jaffna men based on caste and your ancestors did not vote for disfranchising Highlands Tamils. Your family and friends are living with geographical divisions in Australia based on caste. Every President/Chairman/Secretary/ Committee members should be from the so-called high castes, irrespective of their education and intelligence. Most of Senior citizens association’s presidents are ordinary clerks from Sri Lanka, because they are from the so-called high castes.

Missing Persons

Can you categorically confirm that there are no Tamils hiding in countries, giving room for their relations to claim missing persons? Can you confirm that no one drowned in the Indian Ocean?

War Crimes and Reparation

Tamils are demanding justice for war crimes. CVW: Have you ever made any attempts to talk about the war crimes of LTTE. How many humans have they murdered? What is the value of loss to properties and humans? Talking about reparation, who will accept responsibility for reparation to the people and the country for these crimes?

This is the most derogatory statement of the 21st century. Mr Sambanthan, you are a citizen of Sri Lanka. Why do you think that a separate country should interfere in Sri Lankan affairs? Would you invite your dissimilar neighbour to interfere into your family affairs? Sri Lanka is a sovereign republic, don’t you know that Sampanthan?

Kanthar Balanathan


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